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Welcome to www.laseradar.co.za

This is the official website for Radar Technologies incorporating SuperTronics, we are dedicated to supplying ingenius products to the Motorists of Southern Africa. We are based in Florida, 20 minutes from Johannesburg. For the past 16 years we have been the largest supplier of laser/radar trap dectectors in South Africa. In addition we are the South African agents for the Whistler, Laser Star and Beltronic range of products.

We have a nation wide dealer network and supply into the neighbouring states. Please feel free to explore our product range on this website and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Telephone: 011 672 0507

Call Toll Free: 0800 11 54 55




Speeding Fines - fight back!

Whistler XTR 330 r/l detector

Voice activated detectorXTR 330

Laser Star p.d.c./diffuser

Laser Star is the most advanced and cost effective Laser diffusing/parking sensor on the Market

laser star